The X-files

3X12 War of the Coprohaghes

Mulder suffering from his own insect infestation with his apartment being fumigated, he travels to Millers Grove, Massachusetts to investigate reports of UFO sightings in the area. Sitting in his car he is spotted and questioned by the local Sheriff about his activity. Sheriff Frass becomes agitated when Mulder mentions seeing bugs on his windshield. It turns out that the town is suffering from a cockroach invasion, and that these cockroaches have been attacking people. Mulder can not resist joining the Sheriff in his investigation. Mulder confers with Scully by phone, she is sceptical of killer cockroaches. They look in to alleged cockroach attacks on an exterminator, a teenage boy and a medical examiner. But in each case Scully has an explanation, the exterminator was allergic to cockroaches and died of anaphylactic shock, the teenage boy was using drugs and suffered from Ekbom Syndrome, a drug induced delusion of insects invading the body causing the sufferer to try to cut them out. And the medical examiner died of an aneurysm while on the toilet. Mulder catches one of the cockroaches and discovers it has a metal body. he takes the cockroach to Dr Ivanov at the Massachusetts Institute of Robotics. Dr Ivanov is amazed at the complexity of the robot and speculates that it could be a probe sent out by an alien race to explore the far reaches of space. Scully arrives in town, but as Mulder toys with a theory on alien robotic probes, she is left to bring calm to the panic stricken populous.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder to the cockroach: "Greetings from Planet Earth!"

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Writer: Darin Morgan
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Alex Bruhanski Dr Bugger
Raye Birk Dr Eckerle
Dion Anderson Sheriff Frass
Bill Dow Dr Newton
Alan Buckley Dude
Tyler Labine Stoner
Nicole Parker Chick
Wren Robertz Orderly
Bobbie Phillips Bambi
Tony Marr Motel Manager
Norma Wick Reporter
Tom Heaton Resident #1
Bobby Stewart Resident #2
Ken Kramer Dr Inanov

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