The X-files

3X05 The List

When Napoleon 'Neech' Manley, a Florida Death Row inmate for over eleven years, finally goes to the electric chair, he vows to come back from the dead and reek revenge on five men who have wronged him. When a guard is found dead in his cell a few days later, Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate. They travel to the prison and speak with the Warden who believes that some of the inmates who were friendly with Neech are responsible for the murder. Mulder interviews one of the inmates Speranza, Neech's friend. Speranza is certain that the guard was killed by Neech's spirit, returned from beyond the grave. Meanwhile Scully is approached by one of the prison guards Parmelly, who claims that another inmate, Roque knows the five names on Neech's list. After a second guard is murdered, they interview Roque who confirms he knows who is on Neech's list, but will only give them the names when he has been transferred to another prison. The Warden refuses to make any deals with the prisoners, later however he beats Roque up in an attempt to get the information out of him. Roque is later found dead and it is assumed he was on Neech's list, but Mulder is suspicious. Mulder and Scully tracks down the executioner who pulled the switch on the electric chair for Neech, they find him dead in his house. And when the lawyer who represented Neech at his trial is also found dead, Mulder wonders if Neech has been good to his word and returned from the grave.

Noteworthy Quote

Neech: "I will return to avenge all the petty tyranny and the cruelty I have suffered. I will be recast, reincarnated, reunion of spirit and flesh. Mark my words, five men will die, five men will go down. This will be my justice, this will be my law, this will be my capital punishment"

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Chris Carter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
J T Walsh Warden Brodeur
Denny Arnold Key Guard
Bruce Pinard Executioner
Bokeem Woodbine Sammom Roque
John Toles-Bey John Speranza
Badja Djola "Neech" Manley
April Grace Danielle Manley
Greg Rogers Daniel Charez
Don Mackay Oates
Ken Foree Parmelly
Mitch Kosterman Fornier
Michael Andaluz Tattooed Prisoner
Paul Raskin Ullrich
Craig Brunanski Guard

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