The X-files

2X23 Soft Light

Detective Kelly Ryan, one of Scully's ex-pupil at the academy asks for her assistance on her first ever case. Three people have vanished without a trace, the latest victim, Patrick Newirth disappeared from his locked hotel room leaving only a black smear on the floor near the door. Mulder toys with the idea of spontaneous human combustion. However when they discover that all three victims passed through the Richmond train station, Mulder and Scully review the station's security footage, a move rewarded when Mulder notices a man sitting at one spot in the station acting strangely. On the video they can make out the badge he is wearing which leads them to a company called Polarity Magnetics. They show a photo of the man in the station to Dr Davey, who identifies him as his colleague Dr Ray Banton, who was researching dark matter. But Dr Banton has not been seen since he accidentally exposed himself to a massive amount of energy that burnt his shadow in to the wall. Mulder and Scully stake out the station and when Dr Banton appears, they attempt to arrest him. Dr Banton warns them not to touch his shadow, Mulder realises that his shadow is deadly and arranges for him to be taken in to custody safely. However Detective Ryan and her department block Mulder and Scully from further access to Dr Banton. Frustrated Mulder contacts X about the case, but X tells him he can not help. Later X kidnaps Dr Banton and delivers him to a government laboratory to be tested on.

Noteworthy Quote

X: "I'm not at your beckon call agent Mulder, I have nothing to gain and everything to loose by helping you."

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Writer: Vince Gilligan
Director: Jim Contner

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Tony Shalhoub Doctor Chester Banton
Kevin Mcnulty Doctor Davey
Kate Twa Detective Ryan
Nathaniel Deveaux Detective Barron
Steven Williams X
Guyle Frazier Barney
Forbes Angus Government Scientist
Donna Yamamoto Night Nurse
Robert Rozen Doctor
Steve Bacic 2nd Officer
Craig Brunanski Security Guard

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