The X-files

2X15 Fresh Bones

Mulder and Scully respond to a request by Robin McAlpin to investigate the events surrounding the death of her marine husband Private Jack McAlpin in North Carolina. He is the second marine stationed at the Folkstone government processing camp for Hatian refugees to die in mysterious circumstances. The Marine Corp officially classified the deaths as suicides, but another marine stationed at the camp, Harry Durham attributes the deaths to a voodoo curse. Mulder and Scully travel to the camp and interview the base commander Colonel Wharton. He tells them that tension has been high in the camp since a young Haitian boy was killed during a riot. He blames the whole situation on a Haitian revolutionary, Pierre Bauvais who is being held in a camp cell. Scully is given permission to carry out an autopsy but McAlpin's body is missing. However as she and Mulder drive away from the camp, she narrowly avoids running down McAlpin walking in the middle of the road. Tests on McAlpin reveal trace amounts of the poison tetrodotoxin in his blood stream, leading Mulder to conclude that someone injected McAlpin so that he would appear to be dead. When Durham makes a claim that Commander Wharton has sanctioned the beating of the refugees in retaliation for the men he lost during the invasion of Haiti, the situation is further muddled. In the charged world of voodoo curses and zombie soldiers Mulder and Scully search for the truth behind the deaths.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "There was a boy, his name was Bonapart, Chester Bonapart"

Soldier: "Sure, Chester, poor kid, he died six weeks ago in that riot"

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Writer: Howard Gordon
Director: Rob Bowman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Steven Williams X
Kevin Conway Private Mcalpin
Dan Butler Colonel Wharton
Katya Gardner Robin Mcalpin
Matt Hill Private Harry Dunham
Jamil Walker Smith Chester Bonaparte
Bruce Young Pierre Bauvais
Roger Cross Private Kittel
Callum Keith Rennie Groundskeeper
Peter Kelamis Lieutenant Foyle
Adrien Malebranche Skinny Man

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