The X-files

2X12 Aubrey

When Aubrey police detective B.J. Morrow uncovers the body of an FBI agent missing for nearly 50 years in a field but can not explain how Mulder is suspicious. Dental records confirm the body is that of agent Sam Chaney, both he and his partner Tim Ledbetter used psychology to solve what were called 'stranger killings' in the 1930's. But they disappeared in 1942 while investigating a series of 'slash killings' in Missouri. Mulder and Scully interview Morrow, she claims that when her car stalled, she noticed a dog digging in the field and then discovered the body. Mulder and Scully meet Morrow's superior Lieutenant Tillman, Scully realises that their relationship is more than professional. When Scully questions Morrow, she admits that she is having an affair with Tillman even though he is married. She also tells Scully that she is pregnant and has been having dreams about murders since she has been pregnant. Mulder believes that Chaney and Ledbetter fell victim to the 'slash killer' that they were tracking in 1942. A killer who attacked women and carved the word, 'sister' in to their chests. When he discovers the marks on Chaney's ribs spell out the word, 'brother' he is convinced they were killed by the same man. When Tillman sees the crime scene photographs that Mulder has on the 1942 'slash killings', he is shocked. As he is currently investigating a series of attacks on local women matching the same MO. Mulder soon realises that Morrow's dreams hold the key to the case.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "During their time Chainey and Ledbetts ideas weren't very well received by their peers, using psychology to solve a crime, was something like, um.."

Scully: "Believing in the paranormal"

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Writer: Sara Charno
Director: Rob Bowman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Deborah Strang Detective B J Morrow
Morgan Woodward Old Harry Cokely
Terry O'quinn Lieutenant Brian Tillman
Joy Coghill Mrs Ruby Thibodeaux
Robyn Driscoll Detective Joe Darnell
Peter Fleming Officer #1
Sarah Jane Redmond Young Mom
Emanuel Hajek Young Cokely

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