The X-files

2X09 Firewalker

When contact is lost with a volcanic research team working on Mount Avalon, Mulder and Scully are approached by Adam Pierce, a technician at the Californian Institute of Technology's Volcanic Observatory. Pierce is able to remotely activate the cameras on the research team's survey robot, Firewalker. The picture shows the dead body of one of the members of the team and the shadow of something moving around in a cavern with temperatures in excess of 300 degrees. Pierce asks Mulder and Scully to join him in an investigation. Mulder is concerned about Scully condition following her recent abduction and return but Scully tells him she is back working on the X-files. When they arrive at Mount Avalon, they find three members of the research team, Jason Ludwig, Jesse O'Neill and Peter Tanaka. They describe how the team leader Daniel Trepkos went berserk, smashed the radio and destroyed the base. Shortly after Pierce is strangled by Trepkos. Meanwhile Mulder uncovers Trepkos' notes which seem to indicate the discovery of a silicon based life form living in the Volcano. And that Firewalker accidentally brought back this fungal life form which infected the members of the research team. Trepkos is killing the infected members to ensure the infection does not spread. Scully's medical expertise is invaluable once more, her research indicates that infection only occurs if a person is exposed at the moment that the fungal spores are released, so Trepkos lets them leave.

Noteworthy Quote

Trepkos: "I say the earth holds some truths best left buried."

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Writer: Howard Gordon
Director: David Nutter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Bradley Whitford Doctor Daniel Trepkos
David Lewis Vosberg
Tuck Milligan Doctor Adam Pierce
Leland Oirser Jason Ludwig
Torben Rolfsen Technician
Shawnee Smith Jesse O'neil
Hiro Kanagawa Peter Tanaka
David Kaye Reporter

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