The X-files

2X05 Duane Barry

Mulder finds himself partnered with agent Krycek once more, when their assistance is requested in a hostage situation in Richmond, Virginia. An escapee for a psychiatric hospital is holding his doctor and three employees hostage in a travel agents' office. The man, Duane Barry an ex-FBI agent claims to be a multiple abductee who is taking his doctor to the next abduction site to prove his story. Only he can not remember where the site is. The agent in charge wants Mulder to head up the negotiation because of his expertise with UFO abductions. But as the negotiations begin the office suffers a power cut and Duane Barry fearing it is an abduction attempt accidentally wounds one of the hostages. Mulder goes in disguised as a medic to try to talk to Duane Barry. Despite warnings from the hostage team, it is not long before Mulder is buying into Duane Barry's fantasies. And Duane Barry has never found anyone who believes his claims and begins to open up to Mulder. Meanwhile Scully carrying out some background checks is concerned for Mulder's safety when she discovers that Duane Barry was shot in the head in 1982 and suffered an injury that left him a pathological liar. Mulder safely negotiates the release of the other hostages apart from the doctor who Duane Barry wants to take to the abduction site to be taken instead of him. However Duane Barry is shot by a police marksman and rushed to hospital, but he later escapes and kidnaps Scully.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "This piece of metal that they took out of Duane Barry, it has some kind of a code on it. I ran it through a scanner, some kind of serial number came up. What the hell is this thing Mulder. It's almost as's almost as if someone was using it to catalogue him"

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Chris Carter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
William B Davis Cigarette Smoking Man
Nicholas Lea Special Agent Alex Krycek
Steve Railsback Duane Barry
C C H Pounder Special Agent Kazdin
Frank C Turner Doctor Hakkie
Stephen E Miller Tactical Commander
Fred Henderson Special Agent Rich
Barbara Pollard Gwen
Sarah Strange Kimberly
Robert Lewis Officer
Michael Dobson Marksman #2
Tosca Baggoo Clerk
Tim Dixon Bob
Prince Maryland Special Agent Janus
John Sampson Marksman #1

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