The X-files

2X03 Blood

When the small town of Franklin, Pennsylvania is rocked by a series of 'spree killings' the local Police requests the FBI's help. Agent Mulder is assigned the case and meets Sherrif Spencer at the latest crime scene, where a real estate agent went beserk in a lift, killing people with his bare hands until police arrived at the scene and shot him dead. It matches the pattern of a number of recent incidents involving individuals with no previous history of violence or anti-social behaviour suddenly going on a killing frenzy in a public area until the police use deadly force to stop them. In each case an electronic device was damaged at the scene. When a car mechanic is found murdered in his garage, Mulder notices that he was repairing a damaged electronic clock display in a car. Mulder questions the car's owner Bonnie McRoberts, but she attacked him with a knife and is shot dead by Sheriff Spencer. Scully autopsies Bonnie's body and finds high levels of adrenalin and a substance called LSDM. The Lone Gunman explain that LSDM is an experimental synthetic insecticide that releases pheromones that induce a fear response in cluster flies. It seems that local officials sanctioned the spraying of LSDM on crops, that the local local economy depends on to save them from cluster flies. Mulder believes that LSDM is causing the same fear response in a minority of local people, those who suffer from cronic phobias. But evidence merges that someone may be using the town as a controlled experiment.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder's cellular phone:"All done.....Bye Bye"

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Story by: Darin Morgan
Teleplay by: Glen Morgan
James Wong
Director: David Nutter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
William Sanderson Ed Funsch
John Cygan Sheriff Spencer
George Touliatos Larry Winter
Kimberly Ashlyn Gere Mrs Mcroberts
Andre Daniels Harry Mcnally
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Dean Haglund Langly
Bruce Harwood Byers
John Harris Taber
Gerry Rousseau Mechanic
William Mackenzie Bus Driver
Diana Stevan Mrs Adams
David Fredricks Security Guard
Kathleen Duborg Mother
B J Harrison Clerk

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