The X-files

1X06 Ghost in the Machine

When Benjamin Drake, the CEO of Eurisko is electrocuted in his office washroom, Mulder's old partner from the violent crimes section Jerry Lamana is given the case. On probation following an incident in Atlanta when he mislaid some evidence that resulted in a federal judge being disfigured, he knows this case is important to his future at the FBI, so he requests Agent Mulder and Scully's assistance. Their examination of the crime scene reveals that Drake answered an incoming phone call moments before he was electrocuted. Evidence of a sophisticated booby trap, but with only a few people with access to the building's Central Operating System (COS) the list of suspects is small. Top of the list is the Eurisko company founder programmer Brad Wilczek, who had fought with Drake about the COS system he has been working on. The evidence mounts when Scully uses a voice analyser on the recording of the phone call Drake received from the talking clock and matches the voice to Wilczek. Agent Lamana wants to be the one to arrest Wilzcek and follows him to the Eurisko building, only to be killed when the lift he is riding in drops 29 floors to the ground. Mulder meets with his contact Deep Throat who explains that Wilzcek was working on artificial intelligence. Mulder becomes convinced that the COS machine at the Eurisko Building is to blame, and enlists the help of Wilczek to destroy the system before the Defence Department get their hands on the technology.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "They can't just take a man like Brad Wilczek without any explanation.."

Deep Throat: "They can do anything they want."

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Writer: Howard Gordon
Alex Gansa
Director: Jerrold Freedman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Wayne Duvall Special Agent Jerry Lamana
Gillian Barber Special Agent Nancy Spiller
Rob Labelle Steven Wilczek
Jerry Hardin Deep Throat
Blu Mankuma Claude Peterson
Marc Baur Man In Suit
Bill Finck Sandwich Man
Theodore Thomas Clyde
Tom Butler Benjamin Drake

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