I Want to Believe

Mulder's Poster

The poster on Mulder's office wall

Hope you like this copy of Mulder's poster that hangs in the X-files basement office. It has become something of a Holy Grail for fans of the show. Many X-files fan would like a copy of the poster, but unfortunately it was a one off produced for the X-files production team.
There are made up versions of the poster available, but standards vary, good luck if you are looking for a copy.

Click here to see a picture of the X-files Basement Office

Episode tag lines

Ever wondered what all the tag lines are that flash up at the beginning of every X-files episode. You may have seen some of them as you have browsed my site. I include a comprehensive list of all of them below, click on them to see a picture;

'The Truth is Out There'
Default Tag Line

'Trust No One'
The Erlenmeyer Flask

'Deny Everything'

' 'aang 'hoot''
'Far away from here, the Truth is' - in Navaho

'Apology is Policy'

'Everything Dies'

'Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate'

'E Pur Si Muove'
'And still it moves' - in Italian

'Believe the Lie'

'All Lies Lead to the Truth'

'Resist or Serve'
The Red and the Black

'The End'
The End

'Die Wahrheit Ist Irgendwo Da Drauen'
'The Truth is out there somewhere' - in German

'In The Big Inning'
The Unnatural

'Amor Fati'
'Love of Fate' - in Latin
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

'Believe to Understand'

'Nothing Important Happened Today'
Nothing Important Happened Today II

'erehT tuO si hturT ehT'
'The Truth is Out There' - backwards

'They're Watching'
Trust No 1

'Dio Ti Ama'
'God Loves You' - in Italian

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